Kris and I started ArborCare Resources, Inc. in the Spring of 1997 with a pickup, chipper, sprayer, and the goal of providing the highest quality tree and shrub care to Wood River Valley residents through proper pruning practices, integrated pest and disease management and an educated, professional staff.

At the inception of ArborCare Resources, Inc., I knew we were destined to be a tree management company. Quality pruning was my passion, but I also knew that insect and disease control had to be a key part of the business. I considered sub-contracting the pest and disease work because it is extremely challenging and can have a negative public image. However, I rapidly came to the conclusion that the best way to provide premium services to our clients is to keep them all in-house. This was the only way we can ensure the top quality services that our customers deserve.

Today we still focus on the same goals and principles, but thanks to our dedicated staff and clientele, we have been able to grow. A great deal of our customers are referred by existing clients and associates. Each and every one of our customers is truly unique and we are so fortunate to work with so many different individuals. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships and to always exceed expectations.

As our customer base has expanded so has our staff. We have highly qualified team members with over 200 years of combined horticultural experience (check out Our Team page for more info). Our staff credentials include: ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist, ISA Certified Arborist, ISA Tree Worker/Climber Specialist, ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, and ISDA Licensed Professional Applicator. You can be confident that our staff adheres to industry standards and best management practices when caring for your trees and landscape.

We have also expanded our service portfolio over the years to include soil health, planting projects, and a full range of consulting services (see our Services pages for more info). We always use proven science and methods to provide the best results with the least environmental impact possible. Our dedication to preserving and protecting your growing investment in the most professional manner is a mission we take very seriously.


Bill Josey
President, ArborCare Resources, Inc.

ArborCare Resources, Inc. Disclosure Statement

Arborists are tree specialists who use their education, knowledge, training and experience to examine trees, recommend measures to enhance the beauty and health of trees, and attempt to reduce the risk of living near trees. Clients may choose to accept or disregard the recommendations of the arborists, or to seek additional advice. Regular site visits by Certified Arborists included in our Plant Health Care programs do not guarantee the safety of trees. Arborists cannot detect every condition that could possibly lead to the structural failure of a tree. Trees are living organisms that fail in ways we do not fully understand. Conditions are often hidden within trees and below ground. Arborists cannot guarantee that a tree will be healthy or safe under all circumstances, or for a specified period of time. Likewise, remedial treatments, like any medicine, cannot be guaranteed. Treatment, pruning and removal of trees may involve considerations beyond the scope of the arborist’s services such as property boundaries, property ownership, site lines, disputes between neighbors, and other issues. Arborists cannot take such considerations into account unless complete and accurate information is disclosed to the arborist. An arborist should then be expected to reasonably rely upon the completeness and accuracy of the information provided. Trees can be managed, but they cannot be controlled.  To live near trees is to accept some degree of risk. The only way to eliminate all risk associated with trees is to eliminate all trees.