Getting to the Root of Stumps

When an arborist prepares an estimate, tree removal and stump removal are typically listed as separate charges. This is because they are two distinct procedures that require unique equipment and scheduling at different times. 

  • Tree Removal – cutting down of diseased, damaged, or undesirable tree, leaving the stump at soil grade.
  • Stump Removal – removal of a tree stump and/or root system. Cleanup of debris depends on the function of the area once the stump is removed.

Historically, a variety of questionable techniques such as chemicals, fire, and explosives have been used to remove stumps. In modern arboriculture, the use of a mechanical stump-grinder is the safest and most efficient method. When access for a stump-grinder isn’t feasible, hand removal may be necessary.

Idaho Code Chapter 22 Sections 55-2202 require anyone engaging in any activity which displaces earth, rock, or material on or below the ground to notify the Idaho Digline call center at least 2 days prior to excavating. Digline then marks all public utilities which may be impacted by the work. Keep in mind that Digline does not locate any private lines such as irrigation, septic systems, or landscape wires. Digline can be reached by dialing 811 or by visiting their website at DIGLINE.COM

CLICK HERE to see a video of a stump-grinder in action!

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